Weaving Spares

List of Weaving Machines

  • We are suppliers of following spares for weaving machines :
    Healds, Reeds, Heald Frames, Temples, Temple Ring, Cover, Drop Wires, Weft Feelers, Cutters, Warp Stop Motions, Jacquard Cards AND Other Technical Papers, Warper Beams, Beams Flanges, Sectional Beams, Cloth Rolls, Gripper & Rapier Tapes, Rapier Rods, Rapier Head, Shedding Cams, Cams for Dobby, Shuttles, Frames & Girts, Battery & Filling Knife, Single fork motion, Tappet Set, Mechanical Feeler, Open shredding motion, Picking motion, Single Striptop Motion, Sley etc...