Erection and Commissioning of

    - Schlafhorst AutoConer 138/238/338
    - Murata MachConer 7-II/7-V/C-21 Winding Machines
    - Schlafhorst AutoCoro SE-8/9/10 Open-End Spinning Machine

    Repairing of Electronic PCBs like,

    - LOEPFE FR-60/600/700/800/900 Yarn Clearing Systems
    - AutoConer 138/238/338
    - Yarn Tension Sensor of AutoConer 338

    We also repairs PCBs & Drives of "TRUTZLER"/TRUMAC make machines like,

    - Blendovat all PCBs, LENZE Drives, PLCs etc.
    - Blowroom line KSZ3 PCBs, Keba Panel, Siemens-S5/135 etc.
    - Baumuller Drives of DK 740/760/803/903 Carding machine, Pressure Transducers, PCBs etc.
    - HSR 900/1000 Bosch Drives, ZPB 1/2/3 PCBs etc.
    - G 90 Drives, PCBs etc. of RSB 851/951Draw Frames